Finally the temperature in Melbourne has dropped, sweet relief.

Due to the heat and several other situations, an old injury in my wrist, fingers and forearm of my left hand has flared up. My problem was diagnosed by a GP 8 years ago as Carpal tunnel syndrome, but the symptoms never quite fitted. After a date with Google the other morning, when my symptoms were driving me crazy, I have found the culprit, which fits the symptoms a whole lot better – Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. This is similar to Carpel Tunnel, but has slightly different triggers, and one of the articles suggested it has an association with Guitarists (in their hand that plays the frets, usually left). Bending the elbow and wrist at the same time is a big problem, so there will be no hand sewing for me for a while. I am right handed, but hold my sewing in my left hand, exactly as I should not while this is going on. At least I now know what to avoid, and know that ice at the elbow helps when I am in pain.

Fortunately, drawing with my right hand is no problem at all.

Paper People

Yesterday Michaela asked me to draw us and cut us out. She played with the Paper Mummy and Paper Michaela all afternoon, hence the crumpled appearance. Amelia has put in an order for a Paper Amelia, Daddy and Rory, and has declared that after school she will make them a house. These took about 5 minutes to produce, but as they say “provided hours of fun for the whole family”. They are not exactly the pinnacle of drawing, and proportionally not good, but it was fun; especially drawing us in what we were wearing at the time.

Drawing family members is probably the most common subject matter of kids drawings I would guess. Here is a couple of beauties from Amelia.

The Matching Pegs Famaly Rock

Here is “The Matching Pegs Famaly (sic) Rock” which is our family as a rock band. I love our hair styles (or in the case of Luke, his absence of hair).

The Matching Pegs Kingdom

This one is “The Matching Pegs Kingdom”. Regal aren’t we.

She has also drawn us as Trees (I was a magnolia, my favourite) and as Monsters. These pictures adorn our kitchen door, and whenever I stop to look at them, I smile at Amelia’s wonderful imagination.

2 thoughts on “Drawing.

  1. I can totally relate to how it feels with a wrist and hand injury – after many many years as a writer working on a computer, my wrist suffers terribly and flares from time to time. Not great when you have work to do, kids to lift, etc
    Like the drawings
    – Kylie

  2. Cute drawings – I love paper dolls – you’ll have to make them some dresses next that match your wardobe! p.s. how sweet are the little pegs that hold up your comment line – what a lovely design your site has! warm regards, lily

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