Our precious crockery.

Family Plates

These are the beautiful plates that Amelia and Rory made at Preschool over several years. There is one for each member of the family.

Amelia’s first one was made when she was not quite 4. 2 years later she made a family one for me (the blue one) when we got a free plate, (I organised the fundraiser) but we only had one special marker left. I like the monochrome effect. I love the fact that each family member is on there (I am the enormous one) even though she made it a month or so before Michaela was born. Unfortunately Rory’s from that year broke.

The following year Rory made another one for himself and the red and orange one for his father, also with each family member. Amelia made one for Michaela who was too young to participate at the time.

We use them almost every day. I feel the need to record the plates for posterity in case one breaks again.

In case you are wondering about the artful smudges on them, they were not produced by the kids, but I smudged out our surname and location. No offence blogosphere, but I would like to preserve some privacy for the Matching pegs household.

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