Another Butterfly

Another butterfly just fluttered into the Matching Pegs Household.

This is one more test butterfly adapted from my drawings for Brooke’s library bag and Michaela’s Doona cover, using some scraps that I had handy. I am rather pleased with this one, even if it is slightly wonky.

I produced it using needle turn applique, which I have been doing for some time now, but have by no means mastered. Until now I have only done needle turn without freezer paper. What I like about this method is the speed of it, with no templates to cut out first. It does take some practice to begin with though.

This time I tried using some freezer paper to see if it would improve my needle turn accuracy. It is neither the “Freezer Paper down” or the “Freezer paper Up*” method (both of these methods involve sewing the freezer paper between the applique piece and the background and removing the paper just before you finish sewing the piece on, or through a slit in the background at the end), but another method, (I’m not sure what it is called).

Butterfly WIP

In this method you cut out the freezer paper shape exactly on the outline and iron it onto the TOP of the fabric (no need to mark the lines), and you turn the seam allowance under so that the fabric is almost out of sight under the FP. In other words, the FP is just a guide which can be peeled off the top of the project when the piece is on. It also leaves you with no marking lines to have to get rid of.

It wasn’t bad, but the paper does start to come off as you work. Next I am going to try using the Freezer Paper Down method on the letters from Corey’s name for his Shark library bag. I am hoping that this will stop the letters from warping slightly as I work.

*”Freezer Paper up” is where you glue the dull side of the freezer paper to the back of the fabric and iron the seam allowance on to the other, shiny side. I could not find a good description on the web but have a good one in my “The Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide” book which is a great resource.

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