Baby doesn’t live here anymore.

Our Baby has officially become a “big girl”.

For a while now she has been sporting lovely undies, which are almost always dry and clean.

As of last night, she no longer sleeps in a cot.

It is an end of an era in the Matching Pegs household.

Michaela in Bed

As you can see though, Michaela may be a “big girl” but she is really very little, and looks especially tiny in the “big bed” (which is just a ordinary single bed size). Here she is trying it out yesterday afternoon, in preparation for last night’s sleep.

Here she is again last night with her little Early Bird PJ’s on, having bedtime stories. Her favourite stories are the “How Do Dinosaurs…” Series, her very favourite being “How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?”. Luke is reading the award winning “Where is the Green Sheep?” by the wonderful Mem Fox. Mem Fox writes fantastic children’s books and is a wonderful educator about the importance of reading to children, daily.

Michaela and Luke

One thought on “Baby doesn’t live here anymore.

  1. what a big step! Our little one moved into her “big girl bed” a few months ago and i felt a tinge of sadness at how quickly my bella is growing up.

    Claire, at least you have this blog to capture all the changes in your little ones lives


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