my favourite colours are (drumroll please)…

….changing all the time. I like so many colours and have so many combinations that I like. My brain is always imagining or noticing colour combinations that I see as I go about my day.

The other day Lara, over at Kirin Notebook asked what everyone’s favourite colour combinations were.

On that day, this was my answer.

Bricks Paint and Grass

It is a combination that I see every day – the bricks of our house and garage, and the painted garage door, with the grass of our backyard (lovingly tended by Luke, who mows it every other weekend). I love it.

I guess though, if I narrow down my preferences, that I tend to like bright colours and tend to choose warm colours when pushed to make a choice.

When it comes to clothing, black (which I never used to wear) has crept into my wardrobe over the years, but mainly because of it’s availability. If there is ever a choice between black and brown I always choose the brown. When I wear these darker colours, I always have something on that is colourful, even if it is only beads, or shoes. I have more red shoes than any other colour.

Here is an fascinating article about people who only wear one colour, ALL THE TIME! ( posted by Heather on her Skinny laMinx blog). I love it how the lady that wears blue even buys white shoes that she colours in with Sharpie Permanent Pens – what dedication.

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