It’s Out!


As of about 11am this morning, we no longer have a Treasure of the Intestine, but a piece of smokey quartz, liberated and thoroughly cleaned! What a relief! Notice the frequent use of exclamation marks – the situation warranted it.

The following shot may give you an idea of scale – “The Ingestor” herself is holding it (couldn’t get her to hold it still though, hence the blur).

Michaela with Crystal

This last shot is just for my sister Alison. Here are the shoes Mum and I managed to find today for the girls to wear as flower-girls in a few weeks time. It has been very hard to find shoes that are the same for a tiny size 5, as well as the larger girls sizes 13 and 2. These are almost identical and span the sizes that we need. Thanks Pumpkin Patch. There will be no more sneak peeks, but I thought that the shoes would not give much away in terms of the overall scheme for Alison and Scott’s wedding. Hope you like them Al.

Flowergirl Shoes

One thought on “It’s Out!

  1. Thanks for visiting me! Glad to hear the gem has emerged- why do children do things like that? My son Henry (3) has pushed a sultana up his nose which had to be extracted at the hospital (dried fruit expand a lot in a damp nose it appears) and has also swallowed a bell. Yesterday he tried to do a forward roll down the stairs… I have just ordered my very own ‘keep calm’ poster!

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