Treasures of the Intestine


Michaela has officially swallowed a Treasure of the Earth. A small crystal that comes with a magazine, each issue with a different gemstone or mineral.

Another child at school must be receiving this exciting piece of publishing, and had given Amelia her crystal, which I believe must have been smokey quartz. I can’t say for sure, because I only had a glimpse of it while busy washing dishes. “You had better put it somewhere safe” was barely out of my mouth when Michaela starting making alarming noises in the next room. As I wrote in yesterday’s post, Michaela swallowed said item and we are now awaiting it’s emergence. The GP sent us off today for X-Rays to track it’s progress.

It looks to be moving along, and not causing any problems so we are serving lots of sultanas and keeping an eye on young Mickey-Moo. I keep looking at my kitchen wall at this…

Keep Calm and Carry On

which should become the family motto.

I first saw this WW2 poster over on Hop Skip Jump, and followed Fiona’s link to this shop, where I purchased it. I had it framed for Luke before I took off on my overseas holiday last year, leaving him with three kids for 2 weeks. I love everything about it; the sentiment and story behind it, the design, and the colour, especially in combination with the wall behind it.

On to other, more exciting news. Loobylu is back blogging again! Claire’s blog was the first that I discovered (about 4 years ago) after she was profiled in The Age‘s Green Guide, “Website of the Week”. She has taken just over a year off from blogging, and has just started again. If you have never had a look at her site, go on over, she is one talented and inspirational Melburnian Mum, and has a great name as well!

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