Chalk Rockets

Chalk Rocket

Chalk Rocket

Not a lot of creating has been going on here, at least by me, but Rory has been busy.

I did manage to get out and purchase some material for the shark library bag, which has now been washed and dried. I have been itching to get started but I have just been too busy with being-a-Mum “stuff”.

Yesterday was a low point as the car broke down (again) and later Michaela (2.5) managed to swallow a toy of Amelia’s that is still yet to make it’s reappearance. A frantic call to the “Nurse on Call” hot-line calmed me down somewhat. Under directions from the nurse, I gave Michaela some water to drink and a piece of bread to eat. Her lack of problems in swallowing both showed that it was not lodged anywhere and had made it’s way to the stomach. Now we are hoping it comes out OK. The item was actually quite large, and very hard, so I watching Michaela nervously for any signs of stomach pains, etc. According to the nurse, if the kids can manage to swallow the item, they can usually manage to expel it at the other end, so if it does not appear in the next two days we will be making a trip to the hospital. Fortunately we have an appointment at the GP for another matter tomorrow morning, so I can get her to check Michaela over while we are there.

Here is the only think that I have made in the last week, another felt hair clip. This time a Butterfly.

Felt Butterfly

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