Michaela with felt flower

I have been thinking about felt.

I love the texture and colours of good quality felt, but have not attempted to make much with it as yet. But I have plans. Amorphous vague plans, but plans none the less. This hair-clip is something I have made with beautiful felt from here. I think I need to start off by making some more of them.

Winterwood Felt

This is a stack of the felt (100% wool, hand dyed) that I got on that particular shopping trip, about a year ago this month. My mother and I ventured into unfamiliar territory to go there, as we needed cheering up – my little sister had just had brain surgery and it was a time in our lives when everything seemed pretty grim.

This beautiful stack of colour was just the ticket, but I have been reluctant to cut into it.

I got some more felt in Loch last weekend at the Quilters Barn. It had no details on it, but it does not feel like it is 100% wool, although it does still feel pretty nice.

Loch Felt

There was a good reason to get so much brown. I have plans (yes more plans) to make some gingerbread men for our Christmas tree at the end of the year, but I have no intentions on starting on that little project just yet. What are you making with felt?


2 thoughts on “Felt

  1. The flower in the little girls hair looks like the frangapani we have flowering in our front yard at present. It has some of those sunset type of colours in it, like the frangapani.

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