Thank You Flower

Here is the completed stitchery for the lovely Chris, who is finishing up at Playgroup on Tuesday. We will miss you dearly Chris!

I am quite pleased with how this turned out.

I have spent quite a few hours this weekend trying to draw up this “Thank You Flower” in Illustrator. I scanned in my pencil drawing and then drew it again over the top, (on another layer) with the pencil tool. I was learning a lot as I went, but it was laborious compared with the time it took to draw the original, with a real pencil, in my sketchbook. Why was I bothering? Well eventually I would like to produce my own range of patterns for some of the things that I make, and I would like to have better line drawings than scratchy old pen or pencil drawings as my originals. This was good practice. Illustrator is such a powerful tool, and not at all intuitive. Trying to do things that you think would be simple can be quite convoluted – when I can work out which steps to take. Unfortunately I do not have a real life teacher, (Luke does know how to use some parts of Illustrator, but does not draw with it) just a book, but it is a good book, and better than nothing. I am probably going about things all the wrong way, but I have managed to replicate the flower completely, Hooray!

The 2 bigger kids have just gone off to the park with their father, while the littlest one is asleep, so I can write this in relative peace. Just before they left, this is what Amelia and Rory produced.

Houses of Cards

Unfortunately they found out why things that fall apart easily are often referred to as like a house of cards.

BTW the title for this post is “Finish” in Latin. Luke is slowly accumulating a Latin vocab. after reading several series on ancient Rome, and now reading books that proport to teach you the language. Good Luck baby.

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