A little Geranium to brighten your day.


This little dash of colour is brightening my kitchen windowsill at the moment.

We have had quite a few overcast days in the last week, along with a little bit of rain here and there (yay), so the colour is just what I need. The vase is actually a tea cup that my other half brought back from Japan when he was there with work 7 years ago.

The humble geranium is one of my favourite flowers. It’s so hardy (important in Melbourne). This particular variety really compliments the terracotta brick that our house is made of. You can just see the geraniums growing in the back yard, in the bottom right of the photo. The other nice thing about them is how easily they grow from cuttings, these came from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s garden.

2 thoughts on “A little Geranium to brighten your day.

  1. hi
    what a gorgeous photo!!
    I didn’t realise geraniums lasted as cut flowers

    also wanted to say goodluck for your blog …. stumbled across it quite by accident & initially i thought it might have been ‘loobylu’s’
    have a great 2008

  2. Hi Mermaid,

    Thanks for your comment.
    It was high praise indeed that you thought I might be Loobylu. We are both Claire’s who live in Melbourne of course, with eldest daughters called Amelia, but I don’t have anything like her talent.

    Loobylu was the first blog I ever found, when it was in a Melbourne paper as the website of the week. Once I saw her site, (4 years ago I think) I became hooked on blogs – crafty/creative ones in particular. It has taken me until now to start a blog of my own.

    I actually emailed Claire back then, when I started reading her page, as there were even more similarities, I didn’t want to sound like a crazy stalker woman, but we had lots of things in common, even living in close proximity for a while. She wrote back and encouraged me (way back then) to start a blog.
    Hopefully she will be back in the blogosphere before to long, I still miss both her blog and Kiddley.

    Anyway, thanks heaps for your kind wishes. This blog is in its infancy, so I get a major thrill with each comment.

    Happy 2008 to you to.

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