Work in Progress

Well here is a look at my latest WIP, and this one required the Crayons (Crayola’s “Twistables” in this case). It is for a wonderful lady who has run the playgroup we have attended for many years, she is finishing up next week.

Thank You Stitchery

I really love creating stitcheries that have colour applied before they are stitched, it gives them an extra ommph! I really love getting out the crayons or pencils, and trying to work out which colours best match the embroidery threads that I have.

I do most of my stitcheries onto calico, as I like the natural colour of it, and it compliments the colours that I tend to use. I usually iron on pellon (a light weight polyester wadding) onto the back, which gives the stitches a slight loft and hides the looses threads at the back from showing through to the front.

The “Twistables” are really just crayons that are thinner, but protected from breaking by the tubes they come in. I also use Derwent Artists pencils. The key to drawing on the fabric with them is to make sure the surface under the fabric is padded, slightly soft (like a pad of paper) and not a hard table top which will give you very defined lines rather than a softer applied colour. After colouring, heat set the colour with a hot dry iron, and a sheet of paper towel between the iron and the stitchery. This removes the wax in the crayon or pencil (the Artist Derwents I use are a little waxy). The colouring is fast enough to handle hanging on a wall, but not on an item that requires repeat laundering.

Stitchery 2

Here is a stitchery that I completed for my Uncle and Aunt in Toronto when I visited them last September. It is called “Flowers From Melbourne”.

Flowers From Melbourne

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